About Me

Hi. I’m Matt, and I have the brilliant job of documenting all the coolest moments at weddings! I live in Whitstable with my Wife Jess and our super-fluffy ball of ginger awesomeness, Fergus (the cat – he’s a pretty regular feature on my Instagram stories). I love the fact that I get to document weddings and I’m so grateful that people choose me to provide the memories of their day. 


The one thing I do generally suffer with is ‘writers block’. So, here are some fun, bullet-pointed facts:

  • I’m originally from Northampton, born to Mancunian parents, and now live on the South coast…so I’ve got a proper mongrel accent.
  • When I was 10, I was convinced I was going to become a fighter pilot! Photography wasn’t even on the radar at that point.
  • I need at least one Greek holiday every year, otherwise I get grumpy! Seriously, Greece is the best place in the world.
  • I crashed my car on the morning of our wedding…not an ideal start but it got me a laugh in my speech!
  • When I’m not shooting weddings, you’ll find me riding my bike from one good coffee spot to another with mates.
  • When I did eventually pick up a camera, I wanted to travel the world and work for David Attenborough. A part of me still does a bit…
  • I met Jess at a wedding. She was making up the bride I was photographing (thank you Vicky & Chris). I remember thinking that she smelled amazing!

I’m also super-lucky to spend a good portion of my time working with Jess. If you didn’t already know, my Wife is a pretty damn good Make-Up Artist, and we offer a separate service that includes the pair of us…all day! You can read more our joint package and how I approach a wedding day if your curiosity is peaking.

I’m available to shoot weddings all over the UK and beyond. So, if you’d like to have a chat about having me (or us) along to your day, please do get in touch. I’m a fan of ‘social surfing’, so you can find me on Instagram, Facebook, or you can drop me an email.