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Award Winning Wedding Photographer

Award winning photojournalist

I’m currently sat on the sofa with Jess in our super-cosy Cornish holiday cottage as an Award Winning Wedding Photographer. This still sounds crazy and, to be honest, my head is still spinning a little bit! The fire is roaring, the gin is plentiful (that might also have something to do with the head-spinning) and we’re loving every minute of our pre-wedding season break. Oh…and I’ve just picked up a masterpiece award from the awesome folks at the Wedding Photojournalists Association for the above image from Rachel & JC’s wedding last August.

As this scene unfurled in front of my camera, I had one of those lovely moments you have as a documentary wedding photographer, when you know something cool is going to happen if you just wait for it. Ironically, I had offered to turn the TV off just moments before this, but Rachel and her bridesmaids were appreciating the distraction, so thankfully it stayed on. I was aware that the faces on the screen were changing quickly, so I got myself positioned and waited for something that would add to the story that was unfolding.

To win an award for your work and be recognised as an Award Winning Wedding Photographer is an incredible thing. I feel so proud of this, especially as I know how strong the competition was and the incredible calibre of the judges as well. I’m always trying to push myself to shoot better images and to tell better stories for my couples, and the WPJA has certainly provided plenty of inspiration.

If you want to see the rest of Rachel & JC’s awesome Marleybrook House wedding, you can check it out here. You will also see them pop up in my Best of 2017 review.

Fingers crossed, there will be more to come…